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Just in case you were curious, the site is now back up. I was trying to install a second CD-ROM drive for the Radio Anime site and ended up frying my processor. Everything should be restored by now, so enjoy the fanfics and let me know if there are any problems.

Radio Anime is on the air. Now, you can listen to some of your favorite anime music while you read, courtesy of ampRadio and the FFML Mini-Archive. Right now, the page is only set as the default settings, so it's not as fancy as it will be shortly.

What does this actually mean? Using MP3 streaming audio, I have set up playlists that will enable broadcast over the internet. This is not an MP3 distribution site! Since this is not sent as entire files, I'm fairly sure that it is very difficult to copy and presents little possibility of piracy. The only things accessible are the playlists, since I have locked off direct access to my files.

Anyway, test it out and tell me how you like it. Listening to this will require the use of a streaming MP3-capable player. I have WinAmp available for download for this reason on my site here. Once you install the program, go ahead and click on a playlist. Netscape may ask you to pick the application for this data type; just browse to select WinAmp.

Hope you enjoy it!

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